Eileen from Westwood and Steve from Susanville met and became friends in 1978 and remain friends to this day. 

They married in June of 2002 in the front yard of their new home in Red Rock.

They decided in 2005 to sell and build their new home​​ with their own two hands. 

Steve and Eileen's favorite son "Ron" graduated from law school and they are so proud of him, as well as a daughter, son-in-law and beautiful granddaughter. ​​

With both children out of the house they adopted two new children of the four legged variety. These two girls go everywhere with them. They enjoy exploring the great outdoors on their Razor (if rough terrain) or Sportsman (if not). They love to ride with friends and family.

They are four years into their new adventure of bringing Winje's back to life. ​With a little love and a lot of elbow grease they are getting there. Making sure to keep with the ambiance and antiquity created by the Dixon's back in 1913 and continued by the Winje's in 1977 while adding their own modern twists. They have recently added a gift shop inside of Winje's.

No doubt on your next visit to Winje's you will be greeted by the four legged Winje greeters. They say it takes a village and Winje's will need the help of the community to keep the Dixon, Winje and Sader dream alive. Hope to see you all there.​